Interstate 15 (I-15) is recognized as a Trade Corridor of National Significance for interstate commerce and international trade from Southern California to the Rocky Mountains and Central United States.

The Ranchero Corridor Project in Hesperia, CA will provide a large population in the southeast Victor Valley with a  much needed east-west arterial.  Two of three phases have been completed in this infrastructure project: first, an under crossing at the BNSF Railroad provides rural residents and emergency services with a point of access along the railway that bi-sects the valley;  second, a freeway interchange was constructed at Ranchero Rd to improve mobility and efficiency of moving commodities through the region. The third phase of this corridor project is to widen, from 2 lanes to 4 lanes, the 6 mile stretch of Ranchero Rd from the I-15 east to the new railroad crossing.