Oggi’s Brewhouse & Pizza
Chinese Food Court – Ate 8 Dumplings & Noodles
Chinese Food Court – Churned Creamery

It is no secret that Southern California was hit hard during the recession, but as fast and hard as it fell, a new front runner has emerged in the High Desert: Restaurants.  Fast-casual eateries are popping up across the region in staggering numbers.  In Barstow, the area off of I-15 and Lenwood Rd, once an exit primarily for truckers and bargain shoppers passing through, has grown into a walk-able shopping destination.  Anchored by the Outlets at Barstow, many new restaurants have found the value in servicing this mecca of travelers and locals.  The newest tastes to the area include Oggi’s Brewhouse & Pizza, Subway, Sweetopia, a Chinese Food Court with Ate 8 Dumplings & Noodles, Churned Creamery ice cream shop, Panera Bread, Starbucks, FatBurger & Buffalo’s wings.

Fat Burger, Starbucks
Panera Bread
Subway, Sweetopia