How has your involvement with the community helped you as a broker?

I have served on the Victorville Planning Commission for most of the past decade and was a Board Member for the Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce.

My duties as a Planning Commissioner have made me a better commercial real estate broker.  I have seen many positive changes and have had first hand experience in the development patterns of the city.  I have gained a higher understanding of the entitlement process while working with real estate clients, along with my involvement on development and land use applications through the city.  It is important to understand the rationale as to how a city thinks and acts, to help best advise the client.  I’ve been able to experience ‘both sides of the fence,’ so to speak.

My involvement with the Chamber of Commerce has offered many educational opportunities and has helped forge solid business relationships.  Involvement equals a positive return on investment.

What changes do you see affecting commercial real estate transactions in this new cycle?

There are a number of newer requirements that will affect the commercial transaction.  Commercial brokers need to assist the client in navigating ever changing ADA requirements, energy efficiency reports on new and existing buildings, as well as tax implications on the transfer of real property.  As the communities of the High Desert continue to grow, our local municipalities increase the level of code requirements and architectural standards affecting local businesses and development projects.

 What is the key to success in commercial brokerage?

Real estate brokerage is all about customer service.  Sound relationships are the key to successful transactions and repeat business.  Earn the respect of the client and truly become a trusted advisor.