Kursch Group has been busy with condo sales in the Ridgecrest Business Park!  These highly sought after commercial and industrial-flex condos are located at 12180 Ridgecrest Road in Victorville, CA, (at the corner of Bear Valley Rd & Ridgecrest Rd, virtually the center of the Victor Valley).  The units are an attractive option for many buyers because of their manageable sizes (1,212 SF to 2,192 SF), their location in the heart of the High Desert and their clean, modern buildings and well maintained grounds.  All of the industrial-flex units include at least one grade-level roll up door and most provide a small office build out too.  Ridgecrest Business Park, offers two (2) common area truck wells, common area parking, and two entrances onto Ridgecrest Rd.

Rob Kurth, of Kursch Group, has been involved in the leasing and sales of numerous condos in Ridgecrest Business Park since the project was first built in 2005.  Within the last 7 months, Rob has sold 7 units, including 2 commercial/office condos and 5 industrial-flex condos.  Kursch Group has completed many new leases for industrial-flex condos in the park as well.