Apple Valley to Vegas

So there is so much buzz and excitement about the high-speed train that should be breaking ground in early 2020. Originally Brightline was going to take on the project and make it their own, but since then Virgin Trains USA has taken over and has great expectations for the train. Southern California To Las Vegas, a High-Speed train that will make the trip in just 90 minutes. The So-Cal Station will be located in the Town of Apple Valley off of Dale Evans Pkwy. 

This High-Speed Train is going to be an absolute game-changer for the High Desert, not only will hundreds of permanent jobs be created with this project but the housing demand will increase in this area, obviously creating a housing boom for the High Desert particularly in the Apple Valley area. With housing comes other great things like shops, grocery stores, and restaurants, which in turn creates even more jobs. I think with all of the growth and profit this project is far overdue!

Some people may be a bit skeptical at first, like if they are going to travel all the way to Apple Valley, why not just drive the 3 hours that are left? Well, I would think the same thing too until I was driving down the freeway and I see one train pass me, and then 45 minutes later I see another pass me and then another 45 mins and a third passes….. Yeah, I will be taking the train, ticket for one please. Plus they say it is a completely hospitable experience like everything is on the up and up on the hospitality side of things. You can reserve your own private cabins, order drinks, work, etc. It just seems like the smart thing to do, plus you’re helping with the air quality because it is a 100% electric train and you left your car behind at the station. And then let’s say you want to save the planet, even more, you can just pick up a bike or scooter and travel the rest of the way to your final destination, plus you get in some cardio, and who couldn’t use some cardio? I know I would feel a whole lot better getting in some cardio before a weekend of drinking and eating whatever I wanted. So there you go, 90-minute train ride, work or play while you travel, save the environment x2, and daily cardio. 

What else, what else? Well during the construction process, which should take about 3 years, Virgin Trains will employ over 13,000 people. Green Stamp of approval to this Train Idea, now we just need a train from the bottom of the pass to the top and we are absolutely golden!

To sum up everything, and speaking as a person that lives down the hill and commutes, we need a train from the bottom of the hill to the top and back down! Maybe that’s just what I got out of this whole discussion but am I right or am I right? 

 Chime in, are you excited about this new train?